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Grooming Tips


Shaving is something a man will do some 20,000 times in a lifetime. Unfortunately for most men it is also a task they have learned and continue to do incorrectly.

Improper shaving can result in razor rash or razor bump. Razor rash is essentially an ingrown hair. Ingrown hairs occur when a hair follicle is blocked and the hair is forced to turn and grow outside of its normal path. Men with curly hair are more prone to razor bump.

Shaving properly involves a few distinctive steps.

Steam is the first step to a proper shave. Shave immediately following or during your shower. Steam and hot water soften the beard.

Next apply high quality pre-shave oil to the beard and massage in an upward motion. This establishes a lubricating barrier for the razor to glide very closely to the skin without irritation.

The need for lubrication continues if you want the closest possible shave without irritation. Top quality shave creams or gels should be used. Glycerin based products are best as they offer superior lubrication. Premium creams in conjunction with a shave brush, such as badger hair, can whip up a lather that cannot be equaled from a pressurized can.

Always use a clean, multi blade, swivel head, razor. Shave first in the direction of growth. Reapply lather and then shave against the grain until smooth. With the price of cartridges costing $22 bucks for an 8 pack you need to get the most out of your razors. Utilizing quality products and implementing these techniques will allow you to get several shaves out of each cartridge.

After the razor, rinse with cool water. Most think hot water is best but there is a good reason to use cool and even cold water at this point. Cool closes the pores on the face preventing at least some dirt and oil from entering. If you want to use hot water go ahead, it’s your face.

For the finale, use an alcohol free after shave balm or lotion. This soothes the skin following a fairly harsh and unnatural act. It allows the skin to heal faster which lends well to the fact this task will be required again pretty soon.

At The Male Room our goal is to help you look your best. Let us teach you how it’s done by treating yourself to one of our hot lather shaves. There’s nothing quite like experiencing the hot, steamy towel treatment, our premium products and our professional staff.

Hair Styling

Whether you wear your hair long, short or somewhere in between finding the right person to cut your hair can be the difference between always looking your best and not. Bad haircuts take time to get over…..literally.

Your hair style needs to be compatible with several factors. Your head shape is one factor. Face shape is another. Many times finding a complimentary hair style requires some feedback and professional consultation.

Cowlicks, for some can seem unmanageable. At the very least they complicate the haircut. Establishing a relationship with a good stylist is the best course of action.

Subtle changes to hair style can make one appear younger. We tend to wear our hair in similar fashion to when we were younger. Styles in and of themselves can date a person. A good stylist can help you determine where you may want to go. Don’t be afraid to try something new. You just may find something you like.


Coloring for men is a touchy subject. Some just seem too uptight to try for fear of being made fun of. Nothing says older than gray. The truth though is that color on a man should be of the camouflage variety. This is a blending technique that makes it nearly impossible to tell.

Some gray hair issues such as yellowing can be eliminated with proper shampoos and may not require coloring. Other types of natural gray may be best left alone. Again, your best bet is a professional consultation.


Clogged pores lead to bad skin on a man’s back. It’s hard enough to keep your shirtless self looking presentable without having to worry about back acne. Unfortunately the very thing you do to keep fit leads to bacne. Once the pores are opened by sweat and heat they suck up oil and dirt. Diet, as always, impacts this condition.

The good news is the same process used to perform a facial can be performed on the back. Getting a back treatment at least quarterly will keep your skin looking healthy year round.

The process at the Male Room is performed in a private room. First we cleanse the skin to remove excessive residue. Then we perform a light massage to stimulate circulation. Next we apply a soothing clay mask to unclog the pores. The mask is removed by hot towel. Moisturizers are applied to complete the process.

Don’t let bad skin make you anxious when it comes time to remove your shirt at the beach next spring.


Another sensitive issue that men sometimes have to contend with is unwanted hair. Unsightly would be a better description than unwanted. It seems hair grows everywhere and anywhere it isn’t wanted.

Not much dampens a first impression more than stray hairs around the ears and sticking out of the nose. Back hair is cited as one of the top 10 turnoffs by women.

Some hair you can remove yourself but it is time consuming. You can shave it, wax it, buzz it, or employ a laser. Each method falls in a different price point. Waxing seems to be the consensus best overall choice. Waxing lasts longer than shaving and is more economical than laser.

Nose and ear hair removal is done either in the chair on in a private room. These processes are generally very quick and inexpensive compared to the time it would take to do yourself. Plucking a single nose hair can bring tears to even the toughest guy. Our method is quick and painless. Don’t believe it? Try it.

At The Male Room we perform back waxing and other large areas in one of our private rooms. After the hair is removed we follow by applying a moisturizing massage. This replenishes the skin.

Some things to consider about waxing are that some skin types may not be conducive to waxing. If waxing for the first time it may be painful. Subsequent treatments will be less painful and take less time. First timers may also experience some back acne. This is a temporary result that will diminish with proper technique.

Take the steps to eliminate unwanted hair. A private consultation from a professional is the next best step to answering any questions you may have.

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